RepeatMD Hits Major Milestones in Digital Healthcare

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RepeatMD, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company founded by Phil Sitter in October 2021, has achieved significant success in a short time, surpassing one million users on its MyRepeat – Patient Rewards mobile app and ranking among the top 200 most popular apps in Apple’s “Shopping” category. These achievements highlight the growing importance of digital platforms in transforming the patient experience and boosting revenue for aesthetics and wellness practices.

RepeatMD Hits Major Milestones in Digital Healthcare

The rise of RepeatMD signifies a shift towards innovative solutions in the aesthetics and wellness industry, which is rapidly expanding both in the United States and globally. With a market value exceeding $5 billion in the US alone and expected to surpass $20 billion worldwide by year-end, there is a clear demand for modern tools that enhance patient engagement and practice efficiency.

RepeatMD’s success lies in its ability to empower providers with effective ecommerce and patient engagement tools, enabling them to market services, drive repeat business, and deliver exceptional patient experiences around the clock. By leveraging technology, practices can reach and educate patients on transformative treatments, ultimately fostering loyalty and growth.

The company’s exponential growth, evidenced by a more than fivefold increase in on-platform sales year-over-year, underscores the value it brings to thousands of practices nationwide. Over 3,000 practices across all 50 states utilize RepeatMD’s platform, spanning diverse specialties including med spas, dermatology, plastic surgery, weight loss clinics, and more.

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Moreover, RepeatMD’s strategic partnerships with leading medical and aesthetic laser manufacturers demonstrate its commitment to driving innovation and expanding its offerings. These collaborations enable practices to access cutting-edge technologies and enhance their capabilities in delivering quality care to patients.

Looking ahead, RepeatMD is poised for further evolution, with plans to integrate advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the patient experience. As the aesthetics industry continues to evolve, RepeatMD remains at the forefront of shaping the future of digital healthcare by redefining ecommerce within the health and wellness space.

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In summary, RepeatMD’s achievements reflect a broader trend towards digital transformation in healthcare, where technology-driven solutions not only streamline operations but also elevate patient care. By continuing to innovate and collaborate with industry stakeholders, RepeatMD is well-positioned to drive positive change and shape the future of patient engagement in aesthetics and wellness practices.


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