Rift Valley Region Under Deadly Clash Ahead Of Kenyan Election

April 17, 2023 9:18 pm20 commentsViews: 116

Kenya’s Rift Valley is currently suffering from deadly clashes between the farmers and cattle rustlers with stealing of livestock and burning of homes just ahead of election that is scheduled to be held in August.

Police is being blamed to have attacked the homes of the villagers in the region and it is not understood why it is so. After the first sound of gunfire most of the villagers ran into the forest to protect themselves.

Even though the police has refused to comment on the allegations, but it is true the raid comes just ahead of the elections and the violence is being escalated by politicians for the political interest.

Some say the unrest is due to land invasions as nomadic herders have been lately driving their livestock on the farming land as Kenya is suffering from drought for long.

Meanwhile, the politicians have been accused of encouraging such invasions to push out supporters of opponent party. This will profit them in appeasing their own voters and also to make profit from the sales of stolen livestock.

According to human-rights activist in Baringo, Kipruto Kimosop, the problem is now about drought but about power.

Kimosop said, “Politicians are exploiting this for political expediency. And business cartels are exploiting the insecurity to steal more livestock to make more money.”


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