RummyCircle leads the online rummy market in India

April 18, 2023 4:28 pm67 commentsViews: 659

Lately investors are seen getting great returns in online card games as Rummy rules have become more gamers friendly. The growth is proven by now and it is as much as 100 percent every quarter in the global market. The same story is closely mimicking in India too.

Several startups from corners of the country have joined the race to offer the best in Indian online rummy market. One among those is RummyCircle, which is ranking in massive returns for the investors.

The scenario is true and to skyrocket further as a research says the Indian mobile gaming industry growth to reach $3 billion by 2019.

More to this, the report adds online card games are growing the fastest and in every quarter it is touching 100 percent.

However, it is not to forget the gaming in India is in early stage of development but the Rummy is a very India-centric game. It is will played across the nation from villages to cities and among old as well as new generation. The industry has immense potentiality and is poised for growth.

RummyCircle has several lakh of players with an average playing time of about 2 hours per day on the table. The primary USP of it is its multiplayer environment to offer experience of playing the game in real.

The platform has almost all the variants of rummy like Pool rummy, 13 Card Game, Points rummy and Deals rummy.

The key strategy followed by RummyCircle is that it ensures maximum user engagement in the games and overall on the platform by rewarding users and offering great user experience.

It is to understand that such achievement is gained only by big data technologies under which companies gather massive amounts of data on the behavior of players to know them better and serve with their needs and wants.

Also, the vibrant game tables keep users coming back again and again and the loyalty rewards program works best for them as it gives added free benefits.

RummyCircle also offers fantastic tournaments to the gamers and activities from time to time. The interface is completely user friendly considering the players get wholesome experience.

Apart from all these the legalities of the game is still in a grey area as Indian law prohibits gambling and the online platforms are regulated by the Information Technology Act of 2000.

The Central Gambling Act and all the State Gaming Acts provides exemption for games of skill and also it is true that Rummy has been declared a game of skill by the apex court.

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh High Court said Rummy is a game of skill and the business activities in it are protected under Article 19″1″ “g” of the Constitutions.

More to all these, states like Nagaland, Odisha and Assam have passed a law to offer exemption for such games of skill.

Unlike Poker it is not in a grey area even though many argues it is a game.


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