Sahara Group Renovates Pugu Secondary School Library In Tanzania

April 17, 2023 8:06 am36 commentsViews: 485

Sahara Group’s subsidiary Sahara Tanzania is helping to open a new world of learning in Tanzania. It has renovated the library at Pugu Secondary school that has more than 900 students and 76 teachers.

The prestigious institution has produced presidents and several notable Tanzanians.

The Sahara Tanzania carried out the renovation project in conjunction with Sahara Foundation, which is the Corporate Responsibility vehicle of the group. Non-government organization READ International too cooperated in the work.

Sahara Group Corporate Communications head Bethel Obioma said they are delighted to have worked in the empowering youths’ project for the country.

Obioma added, “In addition to renovating the library and refreshing its ambience, Sahara also donated new books which we believe will inspire the students to pursue their dreams and aspirations.”

Acting Commissioner for Education, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Nicolas James Buretta, said the renovated library will help in improving access in education for Pugu Secondary School students.

Headmaster of the school, JuvenusMutabuzi, said the renovated library is a new dawn experience for them and for the students as well.


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