Samsung Developing Galaxy Note 8 Codenamed Baikal, Deepest Lake Name In Siberia

April 17, 2023 2:05 pm39 commentsViews: 146

Samsung is lately rumored working on its next Galaxy Note phablet, probably it could be officially named as Galaxy Note 8, but currently is carrying a codename of Baikal.

Additional details of the Galaxy Note 8 are yet to be revealed, but it is learned those who had bought Note 7 and replaced the device with Galaxy S7 due to mass recall following battery issues will be offered a chance to upgrade to Note 8 at half the price.

In January this year the South Korean giant confirmed faulty battery design was responsible for the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire.

According to Samsung, the external casing of the battery was small and so the components in it led to a short-circuit.

Later the mobile manufacturer said to be introducing and implementing multi-layer safety measures as well as 8-Point Battery Safety Check.

However, what does Baikal actually mean? Isn’t it the name of deepest lake in the world that is in Siberi, north of the Mongolian border. Apart from being deepest, it is also one of the clearest and oldest lakes.

Does the name signify the phone to sport a higher waterproof rating compared to the earlier models.

Let’s wait until something more is either rumored or leaked about the next-generation Note phablet. Share your own views too with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.


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