Somalia Is Near To Famine; 2010-11 Disaster To Repeat: UN

April 17, 2023 12:11 pm15 commentsViews: 587

The escape route of many Somalian has been blocked by the executive order of United States President Donald Trump and this is believed to be creating a new threat, said United Nations.

The agency warns famine will be further intensified in the country and it could bring a starvation to millions of people in the country.

The Somalian refugees are also suffering Kenya’s crackdown. The country faced massive famine some six years ago and a quarter of a million people were killed. The country has not yet completely recovered from the last famine.

In last two seasons the country has seen no rains and this has widened drought, hunger as well as malnutrition.

The United Nations added the humanitarian assistance has rose to 6.2 million from 5 million after September 2016.

According to relief agencies, the warning signs are similar to what they had found ahead of the last famine in 2011 and the world then paid little attention to the warnings.

The worst affected again are the children. A data reveals about 363,000 children in Somalia are malnourished and are in need of critical nutrition support.

Representative in Somalia of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, Richard Trenchard, said the situation in many rural areas have started being at worry level like the run-up to famine in 2010-11.


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