Sudanese military raids deposed president’s house

April 21, 2023 9:49 pm39 commentsViews: 121

Sudan’s military intelligence searched the house of deposed president Omar al-Bashir Saturday on charges of money laundering. Suitcases filled with over $351,000, 6 million euros and 5 million Sudanese pounds were found.

According to a source the chief public prosecutor ordered detention of Bashir, who is also being sought by the International Criminal Court over genocide allegations in the western Darfur region, and questioned him to put him on trial.

The source added, “The public prosecution will question the former president in Kobar prison.”

Bashir was overthrown by the military on April 11 after months of protests against his regime.

Earlier this week Bashir’s family members said he has been moved to high-security Kobar prison from the presidential palace.

The Sudanese ruling military council ordered the central bank on Wednesday to review financial transfers since the beginning of this month and seize funds of suspect.

Following the removal of Bashir the military council had two rounds of talks with the protest leaders who have been demanding for fast transfer of power to a civilian government.

Amid such talks protesters in thousands have continued their weeks-long sit-in outside the military headquarter in Khartoum with the same demand.

Meanwhile, the African Union Commission has warned the military to hand over power by the end of April or risk suspension.


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