Talibani Militants Fires Multiple Rockets At Afghanistan Parliament

April 28, 2023 5:02 am2 commentsViews: 97

Afghan Taliban fired three long-range rockets at Afghanistan parliament on monday from a hilltop several hundreds yards from the main building.

Talibani Militants Fires Multiple Rockets At Afghanistan Parliament

The Afghanistan parliament building was newly built with the aids of India. It was inaugurated in December 2015 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

No injuries have been reported. One rocket hit an extension of the main building and caused some minor damages to it. The second rocket hit the ground area inside the campus where as the third landed inside an adjacent army base.

The rockets struck at the time when top law enforcement officials were briefing to politicians about the security.

Afghan Sen. Nisar Harres said the parliamentary sessions were not interrupted after the attacks and the building was not evacuated too.

Badakhshan province lawmaker Safiullah Muslim said, “Three rockets were fired at the parliament but they did not hit the main building… It happened when the session was ongoing.”


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