Tanzania To Bring Back Chief Songea’s Skull From Germany

April 19, 2023 10:40 pm2 commentsViews: 182

The skull of beheaded Ngoni traditional leader, Chief Songea, will soon be brought back to Tanzania from Germany.

Chief Songea was beheaded during the Maji Maji uprising in the 20th century and demand of people to see his skull in the Tanzanian museum has turned serious lately.

The Maji Maji uprising started in the beginning of the 20th century. The armed rebellian triggered war against the German colonial rule in German East Africa, which is currently Tanzania. About 300,000 people were left dead and most of them were civilians who died from famine.

William Mwita, the head of cultural tourism promoion and communication at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, confirmed Monday to be writing to the Ministry Foreign Affairs, East Africa, Regional and International Cooperation to help in bringing back the skull of Chief Songea.

Mwita said, “There has been a serios demand of people in Songea who wanted to see the skull of Chief Songea in the museum.”

He added that successful bringing back of the skull of Chief Songea would promote to tourists the Songea as well as the entire Ruvuma region.

In the earlier days, after the death of the former African chief, the skull was used by Germany to investigate.

Mwita points out that Germany is no longer doing the investigation and would be willing to return the skull to Tanzania.


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