The Official Trailer Of Jungle Book Released; Five Best Scenes

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The first official trailer of Disney’s The Jungle Book has just been released equipped with adventure and action. Here are five key scenes that may shiver you while watching it.

The Official Trailer Of Jungle Book Released; Five Best Scenes


From the clip it is found the snake is scary having distinctive voice of Scarlett Johansson. The trailer scene starts with voice of Kaa the snake. He is seen to be narrating the jungle scenes.


In another scene Bagheera comes in. He is a jet black jaguar carrying the voice of Ben Kingsley. He creeps out to investigate Mowgli, the 10-year-od baby boy, a newcomer Neel Sethi, who remains unafraid. If you have seen the original, you know here Bagheera will put the boy under the shelter of the wolf pack.

Monkey Hand

Marvelous expressive face of Mowgli can be seen when one giant monkey’s hand, King Louie, reaches to his castle for some fruit. The voice has been dubbed by Christopher Wallen. It seesm the King Louie is channeling King Kong in the movie.

Shere Khan

Here comes the terrifying tiger Shere Khan. He tries attacking Mowgli with his, but Bagheera comes in between to tackle the situation. Shere Khan’s voice has been dubbed by Idris Elba.

Bare Necessities

The clip wraps up with a shout of a river with full of color and night. It is the same river that looked scary and murky in the beginning. Mowgli is now seen sitting on the tummy of care-free bear Baloo and whistling famous Jungle Book song The Bare Necessities. Baloo’s voice has been dubbed by Bill Murray.

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