The Sims 3: Cooking Skill Guide

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The cooking skill enables your Sims to prepare several recipes that have the potential to give your Sims positive meal moodlets. A level 10 cook in The Sims 3 can also learn to prepare the divine meal Ambrosia that has the power not only to reset the age of your Sims to age up but it can also bring back a ghost to human form.

The Sims 3: Cooking Skill Guide

How to Master the Cooking Skill in The Sims 3

The best way to embark on your quest to become a Master Chef and prepare perfect meals is to head to the bistro and take a cooking class. Once your Sim has gained the first level of the cooking skill, they can start improving their cooking skill by preparing food for the household.

Every time your Sims prepare a meal, their cooking skill will improve enabling your Sims to practice this skill everyday. The cooking skill can also be learnt by reading cooking skill books and watching the cooking cable on television.

How to Learn Recipes

When Sims are learning the cooking skill, they learn new recipes every time they gain a skill point. However, for your Sims to learn all recipes available in the game and master the Menu Maven cooking challenge, they need to buy all the recipes available at the bookstore. For those with World Adventures, they also need to buy they recipes available at the bookstores in Al Simhara, Champs Les Sims, and Shang Simla.

Sims can also learn recipes by trading cooking secrets with other sims or watching the cooking cable on television.

Cooking Skill Challenges

Star Chef: For your Sims to become Star Chefs they need to have prepared 50 meals. Star Chefs prepare higher quality meals.

World-Class Chef: World-Class chefs have prepared 75 meals and as a result learn to prepare meals faster.

Menu Maven: Menu mavens have learned to prepare all recipes available in the game. Such knowledge enables menu mavens to prepare higher quality meals.

Related Cooking Skill Traits

The natural cook trait can help your Sims develop the cooking skill faster. Natural cooks tend to prepare higher quality meals. They also learn more recipes when watching the cooking cable on television or eating out at the bistro. Natural cooks can also improve meal quality by using the kick up a notch interaction on the food they prepare.

Other useful traits for the master chef would also be the angler and the green thumb traits since they enable your Sims to catch fresh fish and grow their own produce respectively. Both these traits are essential if you plan on preparing Ambrosia.

Related Lifetime Wishes

Culinary Librarian: The culinary librarian aspires to learn all recipes available in the game. This lifetime wish can be completed with little effort once the cooking skill is mastered by purchasing all recipes available at the bookstore.

Celebrated 5-Star Chef: The celebrated 5-Star Chef lifetime wish is completed when your Sim reaches level 10 in the Culinary Career track. Celebrated 5-Star Chefs will then receive the Master Chef Fridge which improves overall meal quality.


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