Top Reasons Not to Get a Tattoo – Disadvantages

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Many people in this generation consider tattoos to be more than what they desire and more about how cool they will look in front of their friends. The reality is most of the times, tattoos are a big mistake. You are inking your skin for a lifetime which will have a few consequences on its own and those must be considered before deciding on getting tattooed. So, today we will be telling you about the top reasons to not get tattooed and if any of these reasons resonate with you, it is important to reconsider the decision that you have probably made in hurry.

Never get a tattoo at a party

No matter what the circumstances are, you must always keep in mind that even if you are getting a tattoo it is important to make sure that the environment is clean and safe. It is no brainer that any party or an outdoor event is not clean at all no matter how much sanitary it looks. If you decide to get a tattoo in that condition the outcome would be devastating.

You are not sober

Although, it is illegal for you to get tattooed if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs we all are aware of products that you can use to ink yourself at home. It is important to not tattoo your skin when you are not sober as you cannot reason during that time and the tattoo is not something you can get rid of after all it will stay there for your whole life.

If you have underlying health conditions

There are some health disorders that could get worse if you get tattooed. Some of these issues are heart problems, diabetes, and circulation issues. During the healing process of a tattoo, your body could react very negatively and the results could be devastating. It is better to avoid getting a tattoo if you have certain health issues.

Getting the name of your better half

We understand that whenever you are in a relationship and want to show affection to the other person, getting a tattoo looks like the best option. But the reality is getting a name tattoo is one of the riskiest choices you can make in your life because relationships end and there is nothing you can do about that but the tattoo stays.

Thinking that you can get it removed later

The best way to explain the reason for getting a tattoo while thinking you can simply get a remove later is like getting married and thinking that you can get divorced later. It is long and not worth it.

You lost a bet

I might sound like a boomer here but the truth is getting a tattoo is not some kind of a joke that you can just do just because you lose a stupid bet and get a tattoo for your skin for the entire life. That is just not rational. So, the best option is to not make any such bets.


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