Trump, Democrats split in meeting over government shutdown

April 21, 2023 11:03 am31 commentsViews: 134

President Trump had a meeting Friday with newly Democrats, but it ended in split and this seems the partial government shutdown could continue.

Neither side detailed any possible breakthrough that could bring to end the shutdown.

Trump said the shutdown may continue for long period of time, probably for months or years.

The president added next discussions will be held over the weekend and the staff members to attend the meeting to talk on issues like port capacity.

Vice President Mike Pence, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and Homeland Security secretary Kirstien Nielsen will be taking part in the discussions.

Trump continued, “We had a very, very productive meeting and I think we’ve come a long way… We’re all on the same path in terms of wanting to get government open.”

Meanwhile, White House speaker Pelosi said the issue cannot be resolved until the government shutdown ends and this has been said to Trump too.

The meeting was held in the White House Situation Room. A similar session on Wednesday was devolved into finger-pointing.

Trump said, “Absolutely critical to border security and national security is a wall or a physical barrier that prevents entry in the first place.”

Most of the allies of Trump encouraged him to stick to his demand for border wall.

Democrats said they have trust on White House as well as Donald Trump to follow through in any brader deal.


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