Twin Blasts During Boxing Competition In Philippine; 32 Injured

March 18, 2023 11:49 am2,495 commentsViews: 49

About three dozen people were injured in twin bomb blasts in central Philippine town during a boxing competition as part of an annual Roman Catholic holiday festival late Wednesday.

Sixteen of them were hospitalized and another sixteen were sent home after treatment of the injuries. The victims were as young as 7-year-old and at least ten of them were below 16.

No group has yet taken credit of the blasts in Hilongos town in Leyte province. Police has recovered an 81 mm mortar cartridge and a cellphone too that is believed to have been used to detonate such homemade bombs.

Senior Inspector Jenyzen Encisco said investigation is in process and the investigators are trying to identify the attackers.

Meanwhile, the government forces have been alerted for similar incidences in the southern part of the country against Muslim militants.

Islamic State group is active in the region. Gunmen like Abu Sayyaf have targeted capital city Manila and other urban centers in the past.

However, the presence of communist guerrillas also exists in Leyte province, 610 km southwest of the capital. It is not yet known whether Muslim militants were involved in the two blasts.


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