Twin Blasts In Thailand Kills 1, Injures 30

April 15, 2023 10:17 am11 commentsViews: 120

At least one has been killed and 30 others injured after two bombs blasted in the southern Thai coastal town of Pattani.

Twin Blasts In Thailand Kills 1, Injures 30

Both the explosions occurred near the Southern View Hotel, first in a parking lot that went without casualties and second at the entrance from a parked truck. All the casualties in the follow-up blast were Thais, said Police Lieutenant Colonel Winyu Tiamraj.

About two weeks ago several bombings hit the south targeting high-profile beach resorts across seven provinces. Four people were killed and many were injured.

Tiamraj added, “The second explosion came from a truck parked at the hotel entrance, opposite a karaoke bar and a massage parlour, resulting in one death and 30 injuries.”

Military’s Internal Security Operations Command spokesperson Colonel Yutthanam Petchmuang said the second bomb was from a stolen pick-up truck from hospital and it was mistakenly understood as an ambulance at the spot.

Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwan ruled out any link with the bombings that took place about two weeks ago and maintained tight lips about giving any further details.

He said, “I am sure that the incident in Pattani last night has nothing to do with the seven provinces attacks.”

Tourism accounts for 10 percent of the Thai economy and is currently struggling under a military government that came to power about two years ago following a low-intensity brutal war that killed over 6,500 people.

Meanwhile, no group has taken credit of the two attacks.


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