UK Best Place To Die Followed By Australia, New Zealand: The Economist

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The United Kingdom has topped in the list of The Economist that reveals the best and worst places to die.

UK Best Place To Die Followed By Australia, New Zealand- The Economist

The Quality of Death Index 2015 reveals about 85 percent of the world’s population are denied the access to quality palliative care and hospice care.

Palliative care combines the active therapies as well as compassionate therapies which are used in comforting those who are very close to their death.

The United Kingdom has topped as the palliative care in the country is integrated into its National Health Service and it also has a strong hospicesystem. Australia and New Zealand follows UK and in the top 20 list four more Asia-Pacific countries have found places. However, the highest ranked in the list are countries from Europe and North America as a good amount of funds are allocated for palliative care.

Meanwhile, a national movement are being seen in the United States talking about death over dinner in which people may make the life-ending decisions much ahead they reach the deathbed.

Also, Death Cafes trend is also being seen under which informal discussions are hosted in coffee shops. It is believed the more people talk about the issue, the better it will be.


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