US Doubts Russian Claim To Have Killed ISIS Leader Adnani

April 15, 2023 1:23 pm9 commentsViews: 183

The United States is in doubt whether Russia killed ISIS spokesman Mohammad al-Adnani in one of its airstrikes in Syria.

US Doubts Russian Claim To Have Killed ISIS Leader Adnani

Earlier today Russian Ministry of Defense claimed to have killed the terror leader adding he was one of the forty Islamic State minitants killed by their airstrikes in Aleppo province.

However, a US defense official slammed the claim saying, “It would be laughable but for the very real humanitarian suffering Russia has inflicted… We stand by the statement we made yesterday. We conducted a strike that targeted al-Adnani. We are assessing the results of that strike.”

The officials added their attack was carried out in the area by a US drone.

Meanwhile, ISIS announced Tuesday their leader Adnani has been killed and it was highest-profile killing until now of their member.

However, ISIS didn’t reveal the cause of Adnani’s death.

Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said the results of airstrikes against Adnani are yet to be known but it is another significant blow to ISIS.

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