US Flag To Re-Fly Over Cuba Embassy After 54 Years

April 26, 2023 11:09 am2 commentsViews: 66

Two of the Cold War-era enemies have improved ties and after 54 long years the Stars and Strips flag will be seen flying over US Embassy in Havana, Cuba. Secretary of State John Kerry has reached the country to mark the major step.

Four weeks ago US and Cuba renewed their diplomatic relations formally. On July 20 the Cubans celebrated the new ties by raising flag in Washington. For the Americans the wait will be over in another few hours today.

The flag was last lowered in 1961 in US Embassy in Cuba and US secretary of state last had visited the country 70 years ago.

Kerry said the isolation and estrangement road is not the right path for both the countries and the time calls for new journey in a promising direction.

Both the countries agreed for restoring the ties eight months back. The two sides renewed their diplomatic relations besides upgrading the diplomatic missions to embassies.

Cuba has been a Communist-run country and Kerry will also be meeting the dissidents at the embassy residence in Havana later on Friday. These dissidents are opposed to the one-party political system of Cuba. However, they are not invited at the flag-raising ceremony in the morning that will be followed by Star-Spangled Banner. The US Army Brass Quintet will be performing it. Before the flag-raising ceremony it is reported poem will be recited by Richard Blanco, entitled “Matters of the Sea.”

Meanwhile, Cubans have been seen lining up outside the US Embassy in Havana for visas for US, either to shift permanently and live with relatives or to have a tour visit.

On Thursday Bolivian president Evo Morales and Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro visited the island country too to give personal birthday greeting to Fidel Castro.


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