Vegetable Juice Helps Metabolic Syndrome

April 21, 2023 4:43 pm85 commentsViews: 95

The study, from the Baylor College of Medicine, was released this week and primarily looked at African-American and Hispanic adults, who have a higher risk of getting metabolic syndrome.

The participants were divided into three groups: two were instructed to drink one or two cups of vegetable juice every day and the third group drank none. After 12 weeks, researchers found that those who drank the juice lost four pounds, while those who did not only lost one pound.

The study also revealed that those who drank the vegetable juice consumed more vitamin C and potassium, ate fewer carbohydrates and were more likely to get three to five servings of vegetables every day, as recommended by the Food Pyramid. Up to 70 per cent of Americans do not meet that mark.

The subjects were following a DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet, which emphasizes low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and minimizes fat and sodium intake. The DASH diet is often prescribed to people with high blood pressure or pre-hypertension, and has been proven to reduce blood pressure.

Metabolic syndrome is usually defined by a group of risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, abnormal blood lipids and excess body fat around the abdomen. It is also sometimes known as syndrome X or insulin-resistance syndrome, and some doctors questions whether it’s actually it’s own condition. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, this cluster of symptoms is becoming more prevalent and is dangerous. It can increase your risk of getting diabetes and heart disease, and it’s estimated that 47 million Americans have the condition.

Include vegetable juice in your diet as part of an afternoon or evening snack, or with your sandwich at lunch. Add a wedge of lime, celery stick and some Worcestershire sauce or hot sauce to make a festive virgin Bloody Mary. For variety, you can add vegetable juice to recipes. Use it to flavor rice, add it to your spaghetti sauce or chili, or to homemade soups such as minestrone. If you tire of the flavor, try the fruit flavor vegetable juices now available so you get all the benefits of vegetable juice without the same taste all the time.

By drinking some of your veggies every day, in addition to eating them and following a sensible diet, you can accelerate your weight loss and reduce your risk of the conditions associated with metabolic syndrome.


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