Well-Roasted, Well-Browned, Crisps Potatoes, Breads May Cause Cancer

April 17, 2023 8:48 am11 commentsViews: 292

British food watchdog warns people not to eat well-roasted, well-browned and crisps potatoes as it may cause cancer.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) added people must change their eating and cooking habits as such well-roasted foods including bread contain a harmful chemical called acrylamide at high temperatures that is produced naturally.

FSA said people are eating too much of acrylamide and study has shown the chemical caused cancer in animals even though the same effect has not been found in humans.

The agency adds their finding is not to scare people, but such food habit could be reduced.

FSA director of policy Steve Wearne said, “You can’t point to individual people and say that person has cancer because of the amount of acrylamide in their diet but because the mechanisms by which it does have this effect in animals are similar to the mechanisms you would expect to occur in humans it’s not something we can ignore.”

Wearne added further the agency is not warning to avoid particular food from diet and not to worry about occasional piece of such food may cause health risk.

FSA wants to urge people to manage risk across one’s lifetime.

FSA senior adviser Cath Mulholland said such mentioned food does not offer high level of risk but it is higher than comfortable.

Meanwhile, it is not to forget acrylamide cannot be completely eliminated in any kitchen.


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