What Did Eren See When He Touched Historia’s Hand?


What Did Eren See When He Touched Historia’s Hand?

Eren was presented with his award by Historia, and he began to receive the memories from that evening when his father killed the Reiss family. Let us dive deep into “What did Eren see?”

The memories of Attack on Titan’s protagonist, Eren Jaeger, are filled with both joy and distress. In 854, during his first year at the tender age of nine, he sent a letter to his dad regarding something important – His plan for saving Eldia, which left him feeling relieved yet anxious about what will happen next…What do you think: what did Eren see when he touched historia’s hand?

What did Eren Notice when He kissed and touched Historia’s hand?

When the next in line for shifter inheritance, Titan’s Keepers are blessed with a piece of vast knowledge and ability. They can remember everything from their predecessors – even if it was traumatic or painful at times! But there is always something that needs to be added; sometimes only one piece will fit into place, while other times all of them do so seamlessly you’d never know they weren’t meant to go together originally.

Because of how Titan’s abilities are passed down through the bloodline, Eren’s memories from his previous life as a member of royalty come flooding back.

You can watch it happening two times in this series.

When Rod first meets Historia Reiss, he is wearing a shirt that has an image of glasses on it. As they talk and get to know each other better over time, their relationship becomes more romantic until, at one point in history, they kiss hands while being coronated for King & queen, respectively- showing how much has changed since then. 

In both instances, there seems like some magic happened between them because no matter what happens or who bears responsibility – lovers always find themselves back together again.

The second time Eren experienced this, his facial expression spoke volumes about his thoughts.

What do you think Eren saw when he kissed the hand of Historia?

The moment Eren touched Historia’s hand, he saw everything. The past, along with the future, is what it marks for him now- a trauma that will never go away because of how much weighty decisions depend on this one event in time when there were no more choices to make but fulfill his duty regardless if they cost anything or not. 

The memory of Grisha’s father killing the Reiss family in their chapel is still fresh on Eren’s mind. It seems that he has been so eager to atone for what his dad did, but it doesn’t seem like this will be enough, as seen by how surprised and shocked we saw him after seeing through Grisha’s eyes just now.

Eren appears stunned with anger when remembering events from last season where his father slew all those people, including Erna. She was pregnant during her executioner’s cyanide gas spray death sentence without hesitation or compassion even though she had done nothing wrong besides being royalty – which made me sad since if anyone should know mercy, then surely.

What did Eren can as he stroked the hand of Historia?

The next part of this post contains major spoilers regarding the manga chapters in Attack on Titan. For those who want to read without prior knowledge, please continue! But for those still catching up or haven’t started yet, you should avoid reading ahead until after you’ve finished these volumes.

The way Eren’s thoughts are depicted in Attack on Titan Chapter 121 suggests he felt romantic. To fully comprehend the story, we need to know three things:

1) What were his feelings for Historia?

2) Did she reciprocate those emotions? 

3) If not, then why did they kiss at all?

The exclusive capability of ATK:

When the Attack Titan tells Grisha he can see into his future or memories, it reminds Frieda Reiss of her childhood.

Memories can be a tough thing to deal with. Sometimes, we all want something more than what our current life has offered, and when those desires come true – it’s not always easy afterward! But I’m here today because there may have been an answer in one of these memories that would help me out during this difficult time.

The memories of the future Eren could be a closed-time loop. The Attack on Titan timeline is also possible, and when Grisha battled Frieda Reiss’s founding titan, he saw another memory – one where she dies in his arms after being thrown off a bridge by Armin alteration, who tried to save her life at all costs.

The point here needs to be clarified whether these previous events will alter anything, but it seems likely that they’ll play some part, given how much things have changed due solely because someone else altered their own fate.

The pictured scene from Attack on Titan has not yet occurred in history. It’s impossible to tell where this exact moment of time takes place, but it is possible that Grisha’s observation relates back towards ‘Rumbling’ – one event among many conflicts which led up to Series Start

I’m telling you; there are all sorts going down here…

The Timelines

When Grisha murders The Reiss family and becomes Titan’s ruler in 845, he reminisces about how events from his past have led up to this point. He was awarded the title of Founding Titan back when it happened because only ten years have passed since then- but now we know why those numbers seemed so important! Chapter 121 takes place around eight decades ago: during a pivotal moment where history was being made – which also happens to be just before what would become one of humanity’s most famous adventures ever.”

When Grisha reflects on his past, one of the memories that stands out is when he was young and in 854. In this period, Eren enjoyed exploring with friends near their home village while riding a freshly traded horse – just like how people would go sightseeing today! The scene changes ahead to another memory thusly: “It felt so good being up high,” says our protagonist who’s currently airborne over some mountains; there must’ve even been scenic views from where you could see everything below…

Chapter 121: Attack on Titan

Chapter 121 of the series starts with Eren and Zeke looking through Grisha Yeager’s memories, making use of the power from her Founding Titan. They find out that she had killed his family members- the Reiss- but one major twist happens in this series before we learn why he did it!


Wrapping up the article: What Did Eren See When He Touched Historia’s Hand? We got, when Eren kissed Historia’s hand, he saw her memories of Grisha. What are they? It was not simply “The Rumbling,” but something more than that!

He thought about his past and future as the former Holder of this position, but he also saw something more. When Eren reminisced with Zeke about all of their memories together in-between attacks from Titans – “This is what I saw.” Grisha’s plan has failed, and it is now up to Eren. With his newfound power, he will be able to take down all of the Reiss Family members- including King.

Zeke’s mouth fell open as he asked if this was the man who should inform their father of children that they were all going to be murdered. Eren agreed and said it was something “you need to finish.”

His father always said that it should be done yourself if you want something done. But this son thought otherwise and convinced the older man to do half of what he desired so much to clear away any obstacles in front of him on his way toward success.

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