Why Did Kaneki Join Aogiri?


Why did kaneki join aogiri?

One of the key turning points in the Tokyo Ghoul anime was when Ken Kaneki joined the ghoul terrorist group Aogiri Tree after being abducted and subjected to horrifying torture. Many fans were curious about what had caused Kaneki to decide in such a reckless and foolish manner, given everything that had just happened. It appears that he had his justifications. What were they, though?

Kaneki’s first step in his heel turn

The terrorist group encounters Kaneki at Anteiku while Aogiri Tree is searching for Rize and kidnaps him. After that, Jason Yamori receives him and violently torments Kaneki until his mental stability worsens. He experiences an identity crisis, and as a result, his ghoul side explodes, killing and devouring Jason. After that, Kaneki makes the shocking decision to leave Anteiku and join Aogiri Tree, shocking both Anteiku’s members and Tokyo Ghoul fans.

Why did Kaneki join aogiri? 

● Kaneki concluded that his lack of power prevented him from defending those he loved as Jason tortured him. Kaneki decided to strengthen himself to protect them, which was the only way he could think of to accomplish this. 

● Kaneki would battle more powerful foes like CCG detectives and other high-level ghouls with the aid of the Aogiri Tree. He was active at Aogiri Tree as a member, which distracted the CCG investigators from Anteiku. However, being a part of the Aogiri Tree also had another benefit. 

● Aogiri Tree allowed Kaneki to keep an eye on the organization’s threat level and take out any aggressors who would pose a threat to Anteiku. He may discover more about Rize and why she was so significant to other ghouls and more about the organization’s leader, One-Eyed Owl. It may not have pleased the Anteiku members, but it was a wise choice.

Does the manga experience the same situation?

In the manga, this incident was never described. Outside of the anime, the situation actually developed rather differently. In the Tokyo Ghoul manga, Kaneki did depart from Anteiku, but he formed his own little organization with Kazuichi Banjo to combat the Aogiri Tree rather than join it. Even though Kaneki joined the Aogiri Tree, this “Anti-Aogiri” gang has its own leader in the anime, Kazuichi.

Who Is Naruto’s Seventh Hokage?

The central focus of the Naruto tale has always been the role of the Hokage. Only the strongest and most reliable ninjas capable of guiding the Leaf Village are given this leadership position.

Numerous ninjas are given the rank of Hokage throughout the series, some of whom hold the post for an extended period while others lose it swiftly, generally after dying.

When Naruto Shippuden ends, the sixth Hokage, Kakashi Hatake, is in charge of the Leaf Village. However, 13 years after Kakashi was appointed Hokage, the current head of the Leaf Village took Kakashi’s place.

The seventh Hokage is who?

Why Did Kaneki Join Aogiri? Naruto’s titular character, Naruto Uzumaki, is the sixth and most recent Hokage.

It is no secret that Naruto is one of, if not the, strongest residents of the Leaf Village due to his role as host for the nine-tailed jinchuriki Kurama and his mastery of a variety of Jutsu and fighting techniques during the course of the series. Given this, it is no surprise that he ultimately realized his goal of becoming the Hokage.

It was a no-brainer to award Naruto this position in light of his heroic efforts to defend the town during the fourth great ninja war. Without their assistance, he and Sasuke would have been forced to abandon the hamlet.

Naruto is currently still the Hokage in Boruto, and it doesn’t appear that his rule will end anytime soon. However, only time will tell how long this will remain the case.

How many One Piece episodes are there?

One Piece is one of the most well-known and enduring anime franchises ever. Since October 20th, 1999, fans have been intrigued by the tale of Monkey D. Luffy’s journey to become The King of The Pirates and arrive at the Grand Line in search of the desired treasure, One Piece. In his travels, Luffy has amassed a ragtag band of pirates who have stuck by his side while he navigated the uncharted waters and fought various foes.

One Piece has been a mainstay in the community for more than twenty years. It continues to be just as relevant as more recent anime shows like My Hero Academia and Jujustu Kaisen because of its distinctive style and storytelling. Such a long time. 

One Piece has nine distinct plot arcs so far, each with a commendable number of episodes. Four OVAs, 13 TV specials, and 14 films have ever been made by it. Eiichiro Oda, the show’s creator, believes that One Piece still has a long way to go. Oda said that the manga’s 100th volume, which was commemorated in August 2019, would shortly mark the beginning of the manga’s end. That does not guarantee that it will take place soon. The anime still has a long way to go before it reaches its conclusion, as Oda even announced last year that he planned to conclude the series in the next four or five years. 

Even if you don’t, One Piece won’t be finished for another four years, so that’s something. In either case, starting now is probably a good idea. In this manner, you won’t feel rushed and can take your time enjoying the novel. Why Did Kaneki Join Aogiri?

The popularity of this anime’s second season has surpassed that of One Piece.

Since its debut in 1997, the famous anime and manga phenomenon One Piece has dominated popularity surveys. As a result, anime fans pay attention anytime a series surpasses it in a popularity ranking because it typically signals that the series is on the rise.

One Piece is ranked fourth on the list of currently airing anime on MyAnimeList, which ranks 86 as the third most popular series.

Asato Asato and Shirabii’s light novel series, 86, served as the inspiration for 86. These books have gained popularity since their initial release in 2017 due to their blend of science fiction, action, and drama. The books were so well-liked that a manga adaptation was created and serialized in Young Gangan. Because of how well-liked it was, this manga even got a spin-off series.

Then, in 2020, A-1 Pictures revealed that it would produce an anime version of the books. Despite numerous production setbacks, it finally made its debut in April 2021. The anime is broken into two sections according to the split-course pattern. 

We hope you are now clear as to why did Kaneki join Aogiri. 

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