5 Best Gifts for Business Travelers

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Business travel can send individuals across the globe and back. While packing smart and keeping safe are always important, there are also a few gadgets and other items that can ensure smooth traveling. Consider one or more of these gifts for the business traveler on your gift list.

Navigation Systems Such as GPS Tracking Systems to Keep Business Travelers on the Right Path

Business travel often means visiting new or unfamiliar areas; while public transportation can sometimes alleviate getting lost, it’s not perfect. A GPS tracking system can help travelers to find the right destination – as well as locate relevant stops along the way, such as for gasoline or food.

Priority Pass, Airlines for Access to Airport Club Lounges

While air travel can be an efficient way to get from point A to point B, it can also mean flight delays and cancellations. A pass to an airport club lounge allows corporate travelers access to a quiet and relaxing place to work, hold a meeting or relax. One-day passes can be purchased through most airlines for access to their lounges.

Priority Pass is an independent airport lounge access program in which members can access any of 600 airport lounges around the world. Three membership levels are available; in addition, some high-end American Express credit card holders are eligible for free membership in Priority Pass.

TSA Approved Luggage Locks to Keep Items Safe

Luggage locks are essential for business travelers. Both checked baggage and carry on luggage should be kept locked when not in use to avoid items being stolen. TSA-approved luggage locks are a good choice for business travelers — not only do they keep luggage secure, but in the case of checked luggage, the TSA has a device that can open and refasten the locks without damaging or removing them.

Online Language Courses for International Corporate Travel

Travelers who venture overseas on business may require rudimentary or in depth knowledge of a foreign language. While face to face courses are available, another, more convenient option may be online language courses. Language instruction such as Rosetta Stone provides an interactive way for travelers to learn a language at their convenience with computer software and compact audio discs.

Credit Card Gift Cards for Travel Purchases

A gift card allows the recipient to use it however they choose. Consider purchasing a credit card gift card, such as Visa gift cards, for use on the road. These cards can be used at the airport to purchase snacks or souvenirs, or put toward a special dinner or other items.

Whether they are frequent travelers or new to corporate travel, business travelers will appreciate one or more of these gifts.


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