Angola Luring Investors With Fiscal Incentives

April 18, 2023 9:26 pm45 commentsViews: 161

Angola is seeking to attract more investment and amid such vision the country has created more fiscal incentives like reducing taxes.

Joao Lourenco, ruling MPLA party’s presidential candidate, said Friday to attract private investments more incentives of mostly fiscal ones are required.

He added even though the fiscal revenues will decrease with reduction in taxes, but it is true the country will have other gains like more job creation and improvement in the standard of living.

He continued that job creation is a gain to any government and with heavy taxes unemployment becomes a serious problem.

Joao further said in the press conference in Luanda that tax incentive policy helps in improving business environment and this leads in solving the shortage of jobs for young people.

The fourth general elections of Angola is scheduled to be held on August 23. Five contesting political parties and a coalition are expected to take part in it.

They are ruling MPLA and opposition UNITA, PRS, FNLA, APN and coalition CASA-CE.

He said the solution to unemployment problem depends on the fomenting of the local private business sector.

The presidential candidate has just completed a countrywide roadshow.


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