Aphrodisiac Foods: Nutriments That Put You In The Mood

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Spending some romantic time with our beloved ones is something everyone fantasizes about. Didn’t you? Adding some new elements into the mix to enhance the romance never hurts. But what to add? This is something that confuses everyone who wants to enhance their libido with something that has minimum side effects. Well, the answer is Aphrodisiac foods; these are some miraculous foods that boost libido.

Physical intimacy is a vital part of every healthy relationship and helps in keeping the bond strong while promoting the overall health of a person and reducing stress. Aphrodisiac foods have been in use throughout history for enhancing romance as they boost libido. These foods are known to improve fertility, romance and also promote healthy sexual organs. They are also said to increase stamina and reduce stress making your partner go drooling over you. 

In the article, we have put together all the information regarding the aphrodisiac foods varying from what they are to scientific evidence. You will also find the list of some clinically backed aphrodisiac foods that you can try for being the stud in bed like you always wanted. 

Now let’s begin our romance journey as adding some yummy mood and libido-enhancing foods are never going to hurt. 

What Is Aphrodisiac?

Aphrodisiacs are named after Aphrodite, the god of love. Aphrodisiac food is something that arouses erotic desires, instincts while increasing performance and pleasure. The aphrodisiac substances can be from animals, minerals, or plants, and their origin can be traced to early cultures and civilizations. 

Procreation has been an important part of society from ancient times and has moral and religious significance. Thus virility and potency have been an important part of ancient cultures. Thus aphrodisiac foods have been in use for a long time and have fascinated people. In modern times also people use them, and scientists have also proven the link between libido and these romance foods. 

What Foods Are Aphrodisiacs?

The answer is simple; the foods that increase the libido and sex drive in a person are known as aphrodisiac foods. Although the vitamins and enzymes may differ from food to food and have various effects, the ultimate goal of all is to increase the romantic experience. 

Powerful Aphrodisiacs Foods 

There are a variety of aphrodisiac foods available in the market. You can find natural aphrodisiac foods as well as aphrodisiac drugs, which you can go for. However, there is no difference when it comes to aphrodisiac foods for males and aphrodisiac foods for females. However, some foods are not as good as they may be to the other gender. 

Some of the best aphrodisiac foods are:


It is a sweet root vegetable that has many health benefits. It is known by the name of ‘Peruvian Viagra’ for its amazing effects on the libido and sex drive in a person, and people use it to boost fertility in many South American countries. 

This vegetable is generally grown in central Peru in mountainous regions and comes from the family of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale. Many pieces of research on this have shown it to increase libido in people. Animal studies have proven it to increase libido and erectile functioning in rodents. This suggests that it can also be helpful for humans. 

One study on this natural aphrodisiac has also shown that it may reduce the negative effects on libido from certain antidepressant drugs. In most of the studies, the participants were provided 1.5 to 3.5 grams maca for 2 to 12 weeks per day. 

This shows that this amount is the safe dosage for it as the participants tolerated these dosages well without showing any side effects. This shows that it may be one of the best aphrodisiac foods to try. 


The Tribulus or Tribulus Terrestris is a dry season plant grown in dry climates and is also known by the name of bindii. This one of the most fascinating and delicious natural aphrodisiac foods you can have for libido boosting. 

Producer of aphrodisiac drugs and supplements often claim that this food boosts libido and enhances sex drive in people. 

Some studies on the Tribulus have shown that it can raise the levels of testosterone in animals. However, scientific evidence for its effects in boosting sexual functions and fertility in humans needs more research. 

However, some limited studies on these aphrodisiac foods have shown that it boosts sexual desire and function in both males and females. Thus it is one of the best aphrodisiac foods for males and females. 

Ginkgo Biloba

Derives from one of the oldest tree species, Ginkgo Biloba, is an herbal supplement for improving the libido and sex drive in males and females. This natural aphrodisiacs food has been in use for improving the sexual function and elimination of depression in the ancient Chinese traditions. 

Ginkgo Biloba has been known to increase blood flow as it relaxes the blood vessels. However, various studies on the effects of this aphrodisiac have shown mixed results. 

A study in 1988 on these aphrodisiac foods’ effects has proven that the ginkgo Biloba reduced the libido loss caused due to antidepressants in 84% of the participants.

In this study, the male and female participants said they experienced an increase in desire, orgasm ability, and excitement after consuming the Ginkgo Biloba. The participants were given 60 to 240 milligrams of this natural aphrodisiac food in the study. The study also concluded that the effects were stronger in the females. Thus making it one of the best aphrodisiac foods for females. 

One precaution which you must follow while using the ginkgo Biloba as a part of aphrodisiac foods is that it can act as a blood thinner. Thus if you take any blood-thinning medicines, it is advised to avoid using the Ginkgo Biloba. 

Red Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the most popular natural aphrodisiac foods. It has been in use in the Chinese culture since ancient times for boosting libido and romance. The red ginseng specifically has been in use for treating a variety of ailments in males and females, both including sexual function and low libido. 

Many pieces of research have shown that red ginseng is more effective than a placebo in improving erectile dysfunction in males. For this reason, it has also been in use in aphrodisiac drugs to treat sexual issues. 

Another study on ginseng also found that it can increase the sexual arousal in females during menopause and also help alleviate the pain. This makes it one of the best aphrodisiac foods for females. 

Participants in most of these studies were given 1.8 grams to 3 grams of red ginseng per day daily for a time period of four to twelve weeks. 

Although ginseng is safe to use and doesn’t have any major side effects, it can interfere with blood-thinning medicines and thus is not advised if you are on any medications. In some cases, it may also cause constipation, headaches, and minor stomach upset. 

Pistachio Nuts

Pistachio nuts have been part of people’s diet as early as 6,000 B.C. They are opulent in fiber, healthy fats, and protein, which makes them an amazing health food. This is one of the most fiber rich foods you can have for increasing sexual desires.

Pistachio has many health benefits like reducing blood pressure, helps in weight management, and lowering the heart disease risk. It may also help in reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, thus making it one of the best aphrodisiac foods for males. 

In a study, participants were given 100 grams of pistachio on a daily basis for a period of 3 weeks. The participants, after three weeks, experience flow of blood in the penis along with firmer erections. 

Experts suggest that these pistachio nuts’ effects may be due to their ability to improve blood cholesterol and stimulate the better flow of blood throughout the body. Thus suggesting that pistachio nuts can be one of the good aphrodisiac foods for males.


Saffron is a type of spice that is derived from the Crocus Sativus Flower. It is native to southwest Asia and India and if you get it by weight it is one of the most expensive types of spices. 

This natural aphrodisiacs food is used to treat depression, and reduce stress. Saffron is also used to enhance mood.It’s more common as a powerful aphrodisiac among people who use antidepressants. 

In a study on male, participants were given 30 milligrams of saffron and a placebo per day for four weeks. It was seen that those who used the saffron had improvements in erectile function in comparison to the group who took the placebo. 

Another study on women showed that those females who took saffron experience higher levels of sexual arousal and lubrication in comparison to females who were given a placebo. 

Some Other Aphrodisiac Foods Are:

  • Almonds
  • Artichokes
  • Arugula
  • Asparagus
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Basil
  • Celery
  • Chili peppers
  • Chocolate
  • Cherries
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Pomegranate

These are some of the powerful aphrodisiac foods you can try for increasing your sexual functions and making your partner go crazy in bed. 

Bottom Line

Aphrodisiac foods put you in an amorous mood, and this is why they are named after the Greek god of love, Aphrodite. These foods are known to spike sexual desires and improve sexual health, like erectile dysfunction in males and low lubrication problems in women. 

In the article, we have put together all the information which you may want to know about the aphrodisiac foods. You will also find a list of some of the best and powerful aphrodisiac foods in the article. 

If you like the article, please do let us know in the comment box. 

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