Authorities Alert UK Schools Tons Of Refugee Students Arriving In 2017

March 18, 2023 6:01 am2 commentsViews: 106

United Kingdom schools are alerted to prepare themselves as tons and tons of refugee students are about to arrive following the closure of Calais Jungle in France.

Last month about 200 minors have been processed by the councils.

Under the Government’s transfer scheme from the migrant camp at least 750 children have been brought to the country. Authorities have been asked to help the migrants find schools and homes.

Meanwhile, members of the ATL teachers’ union had earlier cited concerns the children with English as a second language requires more resources compared to their peers.

The influx is a great challenge for the UK schools said professor of education at the University of Buckingham, Alan Smithers.

He added, “Schools will be expected to bring them up to speed in English education, in most cases, not knowing their story, what they are capable of, or even their age.”

The Calais Jungle camp was in Calais, France. Migrants and refugees living in it attempted to illegally enter the UK.

Since 1999 several jungle camps around Calais were set up on unoccupied land to help the migrants and refugees to later move to new locations by closing down the camps by French authorities.

Several French groups have frequently opposed the jungle camps as it led to rise of physical and verbal attacks.


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