Bombings In Eastern Aleppo Most Ferocious Following Cease-Fire Collapse

March 17, 2023 7:58 am6 commentsViews: 84

Bombings in eastern Aleppo have gone worst at night and families are reported to have huddled together in one room in the dark without electricity and warplanes flying overhead target.


The rescue workers meanwhile dig victims out of the rubble and cradters left by earlier bombing and haul them to hospitals which are already crowded with patients being even treated on the floor by doctors.

Two of such hospitals in the rebel-held portion of eastern Aleppo were also struck by bombs on Wednesday at around 3:30 a.m. and killed two patients. Later in the day more bombs were dropped and have put the buildings out of use.

Such is the current scenes in rebel-held Aleppo, filled with terror of life. In past four years, since the rebel took control of the portion of Aleppo, the city has seen regular airstrikes, but nothing like the intensity of the past week.

A week before the US-and Russian-sponsored cease-fire collapsed and was followed by the launch of a Syrian government offensive, which were backed by airstrikes from Russia, to regain the lost territory. Doctors, medical workers and residents describe the operation as the most ferocious bombardments one.

An official count by the White Helmets civil defense group reveals more than 1,700 bombs were struck in the region following cease-fire collapse.

The group is a volunteer force which is being funded by the US and Europe and it provides aid to buried people beneath the collapsed buildings amid bombings.


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