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Just like many other types of tea, burdock root tea or often called burdock tea has a lot of benefits and a few side effects. It has been used as a medicine for a very long time in the Chinese community and there are several herbal medicine specialist that would recommend you to drink burdock root tea, as they believe it prevents or treat cancer, heals a damaged liver, heals lower blood pressure and improves the immune system. It contains some qualities of an antioxidant as well and resultantly reverses the aging effects on the skin and improves hair health.


As apparent from the name, it is originated from burdock plants that are part of the Asteraceae family. Apart from the tea component, the root of the burdock plant can be consumed as a vegetable dry or it can be cooked in the stool or many other recipes. It can also be used as an oil or powder after extraction. The flavor of burdock root tea is very sweet and earthy. It is believed that you can enjoy the flavor of burdock tea in any manner you like whether hot or cold.


As mentioned above, the burdock root tea has been used for a long period as a herbal medicine in Chinese tradition. It is been used as an herbal medicine in western practices as well. The roots, other plant parts, and the flowers are believed to have a lot of benefits. Burdock plant contains antioxidants qualities that help a great deal to improve the persons health. Among numerous benefits majors of them are:


Arguably the most important benefit of consuming the burdock root tea is that it is believed to cure and prevent cancer. A 2011 study found out that the root contains antioxidants luteolin and quercetin that are believed to be key beards of properties that prevent the cells of cancer from mutating and growing. However, you must be aware that certain studies do not believe that there is enough evidence for claiming that burdock root can prevent cancer.


If you have a regular cold or a cough, then you can consume burdock root to get some relief. Traditionally the root has been used as expectorant and decongestant for cough and cold. It also contains Vitamin C which will boost the immune system that will help you tackle cough and cold. Some researchers recommend that burdock root has some antibacterial properties.


For centuries now the root has been used to detoxify the body and the liver. In a study on rats in 2002, it was found that the root can help improve liver damage that has been caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. This study was conducted on rats and the direct correlation of effects on humans has not been made yet.


As per a study conducted in 2014, the burdock plant contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease the pains and aches in joints especially in older people.


High blood pressure has been named as a silent killer and there is no direct treatment for it, but it is believed that burdock root tea contains potassium which helps a great deal in maintaining blood pressure at appropriate levels and open up blood vessels to improve the flow of blood.

Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, burdock root has also been recommended to be used in a lot of diet and beauty products.


As mentioned above, this herb contains antioxidants little quercetin and phenolic acids which help a great deal in reducing the signs of aging and fight free radicals. There have also been several studies the prove that it is true that cosmetics that contain burdock root ingredients are more likely to reduce wrinkles and aging effects.


The root contains an item called phytosterols that helps a great deal in improving the hair and scalp health and improving hair follicles to improve hair thickness and preventing hair loss. It also helps a great deal in relieving the hair from dandruff.


As mentioned before has been many studies that say that this Chinese medicine promotes sweating and urination so technically it eliminates excess water weight from the body, which is very important to detoxify the body. Although it is heavily believed throughout the world, there has not been scientific evidence to support the claim as a fact.


Although it is named tea, it is not technically a traditional tea like green tea or black tea, because it is not originated from the Camellia synesis plant family. No matter what type of tea that originated from Camellia synesis they all have some quantity of caffeine content. This herb is completely caffeine-free and does not contain any caffeine components. It is one great advantage because people know what the side effects of consuming caffeine are.


There are not many side effects of burdock root tea when compared to its benefits. But there are certain types of people who must completely avoid consuming burdock root tea like pregnant women as it may stimulate their uterus which may lead to premature labor. Patients of an underlying health disease related to diabetes must also avoid it because it causes a rash on the skin.


Simply go to the supermarket and buy the tea bags for burdock root tea to make a cup. You need one tablespoon of dried burdock root in the teacup and boiling spring of filtered water over the herbs with the quantity of approximately 7 ounces, let it steep for not more than 20 minutes and not less than a minute. You can now enjoy the delicious burdock tea with a lot of benefits.


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