Car Shipment to South America

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For overland travel in South America by private car one can ship a car by container or RoRo shipping – Roll on, Roll off. Regular vehicles are well-suited for container shipment – they fit, the price is reasonable and a container shipment is safe because the container is locked and sealed.

For higher vehicles, hi-cube containers or open-top containers may be an option, for wider vehicles flat tracks. In general, hi-cubes, open-top containers and flat tracks are more expensive than RoRo shipping, but the biggest problem with RoRo shipping is that it doesn’t ply between all ports.

When shipping a car to South America, consider carefully which port to ship to. The continent is known for its corruption and port bureaucracies when dealing with customs clearance at ports in South America are no exception. Read more here for tips and information on overseas car shipment.

Buy a Car in South America

Another option for overland travel is buying a car or motorcycle in South America. It depends on the country whether this is an impossibility, a bureaucratic rigmarole or accomplished easily.

Be aware that well-intentioned locals will often say, “no problem”, not realising that selling a car or motorcycle to a foreigner is a complicated matter. It may lead to problems when the actual transaction takes place or when the foreigner tries to cross a border.

South America – a Safe Continent for Overland Travel?

Safety has much to do with perception, but in general overlanders experience Chile, Argentina and Uruguay as easy and safe to travel and heavenly for bush camping. Feelings of safety about overland travel in Bolivia and Peru vary regularly because of political situations, while in Brazil – especially the northeast – more care is demanded in terms of finding safe camping spots.

As in regular travel, observe the normal safety measures when opting for overland travel. Check the political situation in the news, the embassies, or on the internet. Ask overlanders in South America what the situation is like; many overlanders have websites and are happy to exchange travel experiences.


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