Carpet Cleaning for Homes and Offices

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Chemical or dry-based cleaning (e.g. sprinkling powdery substances over your carpet) removes stains, pet odor and debris from your carpets. When combined with carbonated extractions carpet fibers are also washed during the cleanings. Additionally, this process reduces the amount of germs and bacteria found in homes and businesses.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is effective at removing allergens, bacteria and stains from carpets. Hot water extractions are used during each steam cleaning. Liquid chemicals (e.g. substances that include pesticides) that are designed to kill or protect against germs, dust mites and mold might poise potentially dangerous risks to animals and children if they lick or eat food off of recently cleaned carpets.

For this reason, secure the area after cleaning (until the carpet dries). Carpets should not be soaked during the steaming process as this will extend the amount of time it takes for the carpet to dry. Not soaking carpets that have hard wood floors beneath them can also keep your wood floors strong and healthy.

Before choosing a steam cleaning service, ask the technician if the equipment uses both steam and hot water as some cleaning devices only use hot water. That way you will ensure that your carpets are receiving authentic steam cleanings. Lower pressure cleaners might demand less electricity. Also choose a service that uses equipment that cleans upholstery. If you are paying by the hour, you can clean your carpets, furniture and drapes on the same day.

Going Green With Organic Carpet Cleaning

Because steam cleaning requires significant amounts of water, consider using an organic cleaning service (e.g. vapor cleaning) for one month. Organic carpet cleaning equipment is generally designed to reach up to 325 F boiler temperature and 500 PSI (per square inch) of dry vapor strength. Measure the results against those found after using a steam cleaner.

It is important that you pre-treat carpets with spot removers before you use an organic cleaning service. Vapor cleaners can also be used to sanitize vinyl floor tiles (e.g. bathrooms, kitchens). Vents, upholstery, furniture and some wallpapers can also be cleaned with organic or vapor carpet cleaning equipment. Select a device that has removable hoses so that you can reach between tight spaces and clean the edges of carpeted stairwells.

Maintain the Health of Your Carpets

Adding odorless carpet and fabric treatments at the end of quarterly carpet and upholstery cleanings can extend the life of carpets and fabrics. Most treatments are liquid in form. They protect against food and oil spills and wear from everyday household traffic. Anti-static treatments help to reduce or eliminate occurrences when you, a family member or friend are shocked during dry seasons (e.g. harsh winters) after walking on carpets.

Weekly carpet vacuum cleaning will reduce the amount of debris found on carpets. To keep carpet healthy, consider purchasing effective carpet cleaning machines on your own or contracting with carpet cleaning companies to clean your carpets once a quarter or, at least, twice a year. Steam or organic carpet cleaning helps to keep your home (and its occupants) safe from bacteria, mold, dust mites and germs.

By adding odorless treatments to carpets after they have been cleaned you can maintain healthy carpet fibers, keep your carpet looking new and extend the life of your carpet, valuable financial savings for you.


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