Cool Ideas for Traveling in the Adventure Capital of Southest Asia

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On the Nam Ou river in Nong Khiaw young children, agile as dolphins, cling to boulders in the river’s currents, and use homemade bamboo spear guns to expertly sharp shoot tiny fish; some as small as a pinky finger.

Joining them is a great way to beat the afternoon heat and to make new friends.

Eating and Drinking in Vientiane

After dining on sticky rice and local cuisine in the north of Laos, the international flavor of Vientiane can be a real treat. With French restaurants offering fine wine and cheese, cafes displaying tempting cakes and pastries, and a wide range of restaurants offering up Western favorites, Laos capital has something to satisfy every palate.

Following a day of eating baguettes and brie, an evening of bicycling through the streets of the old part of the city will help lighten the load. It just might help make room for a second piece of cheesecake or another chocolate croissant.

Motorbike Touring Around “The Loop” in Central Laos

Travelers with an adventurous spirit need look no further. For some excitement and a chance to see a little visited side of Laos with some of the best scenery in the country, motorbike The Loop.

The Loop is a backpacker favorite circuit on smooth(and rough) roads, through the Khammuan and Bolikhamsai Provinces. With overwhelming natural beauty and an abundance of smiling faces, it’s sure to be a highlight of anyone’s trip.

Exploring Tham Kong Lo River Cave

Incredible. I can’t believe this. This is why I travel. These are the things people say that have visited Tham Kong Lo cave in central Laos.


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