Did North Korea Test Hydrogen Bomb Or Nuclear Explosion?

April 27, 2023 9:58 pm6 commentsViews: 221

North Korea successfully conducted a hydrogen bomb test Wednesday but it is believed by South Korea, United States and other countries to be a nuclear test.

Did North Korea Test Hydrogen Bomb Or Nuclear Explosion

Within few weeks the US and its allies will be able to determine whether the test was that of nuclear or a hydrogen bomb as claimed by North Korea. The findings will be through a network of seismic and other devices that helps in detecting and measuring nuclear explosions.

According to an analyst at the Arms Control Association and former State Department intelligence analyst, Greg Thielmann, North Korea has been surrounded with several such devices that can detect and measure nuclear explosion and he guess the US may reach to some conclusions within couple of days.

Greg added further the devices will also find out the size of the explosion as well as the radioactive particles that were emitted by the detonation.

The devices, called as International Monitoring System, have been established around the world after Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty that allows countries to place monitors within their borders.

The US is equipped with independent technical monitoring systems including spy satellites and aircraft.

As of now the experts are already sure North Korea has detonated nuclear explosion even though the country claims it to be a hydrogen bomb. Initial report suggests the test yielded a 6-kiloton explosion.


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