EU President Donald Tusk Writes To Bloc Trump Amin Is A Threat

March 18, 2023 9:31 pm1 commentViews: 191

European Union President Donald Tusk said United States President Donald Trump is a part of an external threat to the 28-nations bloc alongside Russia, China, radical Islam, war and terror.

Tusk said the Trump administration has put into question the past seven decades of American foreign policy.

Writing a letter to all the 27 EU leaders Tusk said the new presidency is contributing to unpredictable outlook for the bloc in the first weeks following oath taking.

Tusk didn’t send the letter to Britain as the country has favored Brexit, withdrawing from EU, in a referendum last year in July.

Tusk said, “Particularly the change in Washington puts the European Union in a difficult situation; with the new administration seeming to put into question the last 70 years of American foreign policy.”

In an interview with the Times the US President indicated he was indifferent whether the EU bloc remains together or split. Barack Obama always encouraged Britain to remain in the EU.

Meanwhile, the United Nations refugee agency as well as International Organization for Migration (IOM) has come forward with call to continue offering asylum.

The two organizations said in a released statement, “The needs of refugees and migrants worldwide have never been greater and the US resettlement program is one of the most important in the world.”


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