First Business Travel Trip Tips

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Even seasoned business travelers experience the very first business travel trip. Whether it’s a domestic road trip or traveling by air internationally, follow these tips to prepare for and successfully travel on a corporate business trip.

Corporate Travel Companies for Booking Business Travel

Before booking any hotel or airline reservations, consult with a manager or the employee handbook to determine how travel reservations should be handled. Do employees book their own trips or does an in house or corporate travel company handle itineraries?

In addition, find out if certain business travel Web sites are preferred for corporate travel booking.

Selecting Business Travel Clothing for Corporate Events

Choosing the right attire for a business trip can be daunting. Not only do travelers want to fit in and be dressed appropriately, but to also avoid packing the entire wardrobe. First, find out the dress code for the event: is it business casual (e.g., slacks and polo or dress shirts) or formal (suit and tie)? In addition, pack an extra shirt or two and pair of shoes to avoid having to wear the same thing every day on a multi-day trip.

Female business travelers can pack accessories such as a scarf or jewelry, which takes up very little luggage space yet can make a repeated blouse or suit jacket look like a different outfit.

Packing Luggage for Corporate Travel

Most business travelers make it a point to pack light, especially when baggage restrictions mean charges for carry on or checked luggage. Try to limit the packing to essentials and make use of every square inch of space, such as rolling socks up and placing them inside shoes and packing sample sizes of shampoo and lotions. In addition, consider wearing the most bulky items, such as running shoes, to the airport to avoid having to pack them inside luggage.

Keeping Business Travel Expenses in Check

Most companies list their travel expense requirements and limits in the employee handbook. These can include a maximum reimbursement for meals and small items, as well as restrictions on alcoholic drinks. Study this information carefully before leaving on a corporate trip to keep business travel expense reports within budget. In fact, many companies will not reimburse employees’ expenses if they exceed the requirements.

Keep track of expense reports by saving receipts and, if possible, logging expenses in corporate expense software as soon as the corporate credit card is swiped.

Everyone has a first business trip; make it a success by following some simple tips.


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