Gunfire At Wisconsin Mall Leaves One Injured

April 27, 2023 5:53 pm1 commentViews: 89

One man was left injured after gunfire that erupted Saturday inside a large Wisconsin mall and sent thousands other scrambling for cover.

Gunfire At Wisconsin Mall Leaves One Injured

According to Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain, the shooting took place just before 3 p.m. at the East Towne Mall in Madison on one of the busiest shopping days ahead of Christmas.

Police is looking for a suspect saying it was either not an act of terrorism or the person involved was not an active shooter.

Eye witnesses said couple of young men were seen in a dispute in the heart of the mall at the intersects of two major wings. One among them pulled out a handgun and fired. Some say it was multiple shots from the handgun while others had heard just one shot.

The one injured is a 19-year-old man and is being said he was involved in the dispute. The bullet struck him in the leg and is now in a nearby hospital. His injury is non-life-threatening.

A worker at a mall kiosk said it was a chaotic scene and thousands of people tried fleeing the area together.

A shopper Evan Flood said the argument among the young men were high and heated up and before the gunfire a couple of punches were also seen being thrown at each other.


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