Here are Valuable Life Lessons from Sridevi’s Demise

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24thFebruary 2018: the world woke up with a tragic (and unbelievable) news of the veteran actor Sridevi’s sudden demise. Crowned as India’s first female superstar, Sridevi was only 54 years old when she left her fans in tears. While her abruptabsence has shattered many people, it has also unveiled the reality of life.

Just like her acting brought asmile on faces of millions of people, her demise has also imparted some valuable life lessons:

1. Don’t take life too seriously, you will never get out alive: Life is too short, so stay away from doing excessive planning. In fact, enjoy each moment of your life with your loved ones and learn to relax by meditating. It’s time to awake your sub-conscious mind by feeding it with positive thinking.

2. Don’t worry too much about your children: It’s true your kids need you and they are dependent on you in many ways. However, you should stay away from worrying too much about them. Work towards making them independent right from the beginning. This move is necessary to ensure that their life is not affected if someday you are not around them.

3. You are never old to learn new things: After achieving success in South, Sridevi moved to Bollywood.She learnt anew language and adjusted to a drastically different work environment. It seems easy from an outsider’s viewpoint, however, learning a new language is daunting and working in a completely different atmosphere even more so. Mainly, she reached the peak of success after extremehard work and lots of struggles. One of the essential things that you can learn from Sridevi is that one should always be eager to learn new things.

After a point, you may become passive about learning new things by placing your ego before your work. However, it can be an obstacle to your development. To grow both personally and professionally, it is imperative to go out of your comfort zone.Show your willingness to learn and adopt new things.

4. Age is just a number: Taking the above discussion forward, age never restricted Sridevi from getting good roles. She lived for 54 years,and out of that, she worked for fifty years! Even when she made a comeback after a hiatus, she had meaty roles under her belt. It shows irrespective of her age; she was at the top of her game.
Similarly, it doesn’t matter what your age is. If you have a passion and love towards your job, you can do whatever you want and achieve success in every sphere of life.

5. Take your health seriously: You might be able to put your health on the backburner when you are in school or college. However, bad health choices can catch up to you much quicker as you grow old. Being healthy is a decision that you should take on a daily basis. Irrespective of what your age and current health state are, take good care of your mental and physical health.

Go for regular health check-ups as they can help in identifying potential problems at anearly stage. Also, when you go for a check-up, your doctor will guide you on how to tackle stress and depression. Along with healthcheck-ups, make sure to buy a comprehensive health insurance policy for yourself as well. Though you wish never tofall ill, diseases and accidents can strike anyone without prior notice. To ensure good medical treatment during health contingencies, it is advised to go with the best Mediclaim policy in India. These health insurance policies come loaded with features like pre-& post hospitalisation expense cover, ambulance cover, cashless hospitalisation, etc.

And the most important lesson,

6. Live in the moment

Your fate is not in your hands,and thus, you can’t guess how much time you have. So, respect the time and live in the moment. Every second, every minute counts. Do what you love ‘NOW’ because you never know if you will get the same opportunity later or not. In fact, like Sridevi, don’t sit and wait for the opportunities to be handed to you. Seek for them!


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