How To Get Rid Disproportionate Muscle Growth


There are many people in this world, who face the problem of uneven muscle growth during bodybuilding. So, today will be sharing with you our knowledge on how to fix disproportionate muscle growth. You might or might not be aware of the fact that uneven muscle growth is a very common problem in the bodybuilders that have just begun their journey. This problem occurs when one side of the body’s muscles grow at a different rate than the rest of the body. Here are certain tips and tricks that you can follow to get rid of a disproportionate muscle growth problem.

Maintaining the right form

One of the key reasons for this issue is that the form of beginner bodybuilders is not appropriate which leads to this type of issue in the long term.

To get your form right try these things:

Practice. You need to practice a perfect form and to define perfect form it is a form where you are exerting an equal amount of pressure on all parts of a body and specifically both sides of your body because this will ensure the targeting muscles are getting enough force to grow evenly.

Concentrate on your weaker side. While working out, you notice that either of the two sides of a body is a stronger one, and another is weaker. We tend to focus too much on the strongest side that the other side remains underdeveloped which leads to destructive muscle growth. So, we want you to concentrate on that part and use it in equal ratios.

Solely targeting the underdeveloped regions. Another thing that you should do is target only those areas which you think are underdeveloped and by doing this those muscle fibers will activate and grow equal to the rest of the body.

Performing routines of bodybuilding that have proven themselves effective.

Chest routine:
Repeat 12 x 4 sets of 8 of incline bench press
Unilateral dumbbell press
Unilateral incline flies
Chest dips

Shoulder routine:
Unilateral lateral raise
Bent over laterals
Upright rows
Unilateral shoulder dumbbell press

If a part of the body is completely uneven

if you find out that the weaker side of a body is so underdeveloped that is noticed by everyone then you need to take a professional bodybuilding routine to get it right.

Monday – triceps/biceps/back/chest
Tuesday – calves/hamstrings/thighs/delts
Wednesday – off
Thursday – triceps/biceps/back/chest
Friday – calves/hamstrings/thighs/delts
Saturday – off
Sunday – off

Please note that you do not have to rest for a very long period between the sets and the maximum time limit we think is one minute. If you think the problem is very critical we also recommend you consult a professional trainer who will help you guide through this entire process.

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Ayushman Rajawat