ISIS Brutality Getting Uncovered As Troops Advances In Mosul

March 17, 2023 7:42 pm18 commentsViews: 250

As the Iraqi army and federal police advances after participating in a US-backed offensive launched last month to regain the lost territory from Islamic State’s control the brutality of jihadist group comes to light.


A 29-year-old former English teacher Riyad Ahmed from the town of Hammam al-Alil, south of jihadists’ Mosul stronghold, said civilians were dragged into a makeshift jail and were sent to be executed in the middle of the night.

Using Arabic acronym for the ISIS he said the Daesh’s torture methods were beyond imagination and the devil himself would be astounded.

Ahmed said no corner of the town had been spared from the violence of ISIS. They executed his father and a family of three living next door too.

It is learned from aid organizations and local officials that the group had executed dozens of people in the town and nearby barracks over a week suspecting they were planning for rebels and aid the advancing troops.

Local residents said the victims were former police and army members and the agricultural college was used as a killing field before the Iraqi government advance.

Nineveh provincial council member Rahman al-Waggaa said, “They would torture them inside and then take them out of the neighborhood and either shoot them or slit their throats.”

Decapitated corpses of about 100 civilians have been presently discovered by military from the college complex.


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