Lil Peep’s Top 5 Songs Of All Time

Top 5 Lil Peep Songs
Top 5 Lil Peep Songs

If you are a fan of Lil Peep then you must be having a tough time as to which songs must you listen to first and which ones to listen to later on. Here we have assembled a list of top five best songs that Lil peep has released till now in his short carrier.

The rapper was really talented and had a long way to go. The Long Beach rapper was also a singer, songwriter and model. He was one of the major figures in the 2010’s emo music scene in the United States. All things aside, the guy was a great rapper, his style of rapping was mainly upbeat and hyped. He loved to mumble a lot which is the trend right now.

Top 5 Lil Peep Songs

Without further ado, here the top 5 Lil peep songs of all time as per my personal opinion

Top 5 Lil Peep songs

Here are the top 5 most popular and catchy songs of the late young rapper for his like me and make sure to check out the official Lil peep merch that the rapper sponsors if you love the guy.

  • “Beamer Boy – Lil Peep”

Lil peep launched the track in 2015 and the song is on this list due to the contagious hook on it that made fans fall in love with the song and the rapper itself. You can also feel the energy this song has by the concerts where the crowd goes crazy when the song turns up.

  • “Gym Class – Lil Peep”

The music video of the song was really creative as per the title the song is meant to hype up people and motivate them to work harder and push more while working out in the gym. It’s a great new school rap song for gym playlists.

  • “White Wine”

White Wine also features another rapper Lil Tracy and this song surely deserves to be on here. The visuals in the music video for this song are very creative and artsy as well. There are many music videos of Lil peep for which we can say the same.

  • “Girls”

This song is not that popular but it is my personal favorite and yes this song is hands down one of the best songs that Lil peep has released. The beat is great, the hook is catchy and it has got that quality that Lil peep offers and that we all are a fan of.

  • “Benz Truck”

This song also goes hard and one of my own favorite tracks on this list by Lil peep. It is very difficult to point out the five best songs from the large number of songs that the late rapper has released but this one is surely deserving to be in this list.

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