Mountain View Police Pulls Google Self-Driving Car For Slow Driving

google car
google car

The self-driving prototype car of Google was found moving at a speed of 24 mph in a 35 mph zone and was finally pulled over by police in Mountain View, California after noticing traffic backing up behind it.

Realizing the vehicle was self-driving car of Google, the officer contacted tried to learn from operators how the car was choosing speeds along certain roadways.

google car

No ticket was though issued in this instance.

The Google Self-Driving Car Project responded to the incidence in a post on Google+ page saying the top speed of Google Car has been kept at 25 mph for safety reasons as the team want it to feel friendly and approaching instead of zooming it scarily through the streets.

The incident took place on an eastbound lane on El Camino Real in Mountain View. Google is currently street testing its fleet of autonomous vehicles on the lane.

Google, and few other companies too have been granted licenses to test self-driving cars on public roads. Google is also carrying out tests in Austin, Texas.

Meanwhile, Google also added people, like the officer, sometimes flag their car down when they want to learn more about it.

The Mountain View Police Department said they are regularly in contact with the Google team to ensure the vehicle operates within safety limits.

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