Murder Mystery Games to play at dinner

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Talking about any party, if you are the host of such a party there are many responsibilities on your back that can range from the theme of the party, who to invite and what to have for dinner. Apart from all of these other characters that have a great role in determining how good of a party is, on of the most important things in a party and some might even argue that the most important thing in the party is entertainment and murder mystery games are the most easily available source of entertainment that you can choose for the next dinner party you throw.

If you are not aware of how murder mystery games work, there is basically a mystery-solving game that involves the guests of the party in a way that they are assigned a character and one of those guests is playing a murder and others have to find out who is the murderer depending upon their characters that have been given to them.

It is a really fun game and due to the popularity that these games have achieved in the recent past, there have been different types of murder mystery games that you can choose. Most of them even include up to 28 guests in a game so that most of the people at the party can be included in the entertainment. So, without wasting much time here are the best free murder mystery game that you can consider making them part of your party.

The little engine that could kill

This is a relatively smaller game as it only includes 8 players and its objective is that those 8 players have to find out who is the murderer of the passenger that is traveling on the express train from India to Portugal. It may sound easy but it is way more complicated as in-depth profiles if each and every character are also included that determine their roles in this game.

Way out West

This is also a free murder mystery game that constitutes loose script characters, the setup, and more. In order to have access to the complete package for completely free, there is this requirement and that is that you will have to subscribe to their newsletter which is also completely free.

Mafia Party game

As the name suggests, it is a murder mystery game that is designed in a way that gives it a very interesting and fun detective style. This game can be played along with 7 to 24 players.

Butler kick the bucket

In order to play this free murder mystery game, you will need to download this which is completely free and inside the game, there will be certain character cards and the number of cards is equal to the number of players that can play and the maximum number of cards that you will find in this mystery game is 15 cards that mean up to 15 players can play this game at a time which is not bad.

The Murder Mystery

This is a very fun murder mystery game that has a theme of Casino and constitutes very compressed use and character profiles. Along with the complete package, you will also be provided with invitation and sample emails.

Murder at the Ugly sweater party

This is also a very complex game and it includes a 50-page PDF document that constitutes various investigative sheets, forensic reports, game clues, party materials, guest instructions, and host instructions.

The business of Murder

Without a doubt, the murder mystery game that is called the business of Murder is one of the most detailed murder mystery games you will find in this list. You will need to download this game for completely free and it will include all the clothes and invitations. For the number of players, up to 7 and 8 players can play this game at a moment

Jazz Age Jeopardy

This murder mystery game is not set in the current time but in the 1920’s jazz club in New York City. The overall download includes a free PDF file that constitutes voting sheets, your cards, datasheets, party guidebooks, instructions, and introduction. At a particular point in time up to 15 guests can play this game.

Sour grapes of wrath

It is one of the most comprehensive games among this list as it constitutes an approx. The 70-page document that has detailed planning, instructions, costume, suggestions, the solution, suspect, its activation sheet, map, secret clues, rules, news, name tags, party invitations and other such things that make this came a really interesting one and you can most certainly give it a try.

Free murder mystery games for tweens

As the name mentions, this murder mystery game is specifically designed to target kids that range from 10 to 12 years old but in my honest opinion, this game is so great that even others can have fun with it and can be incorporated in an only adult murder mystery party. This free game includes a list of characters, along with a master plot spreadsheet. Each and every guest involved in this game will be provided with its own set of instructions and printable party invitations. Other items are also available in the kit for completely free, for example, birth certificate and signs.


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