New Age Limit To Buy Tobacco Products Raised To 21 In Oregon’s Lane County

March 19, 2023 8:37 am68 commentsViews: 787

Now 18 years old cannot buy tobacco products. The age bar has been lifted to 21 in Oregon and Lane County is the first to do so.

The ordinance was approved by a 2-3 vote on Tuesday and the new rule will be applied from April 13.

A similar law should soon be following across the country as Tobacco21 campaign has taken an aggressive shape towards the mission.

As of now Hawaii and California have passed the law of minimum age to be 21 for buying or using tobacco product. Oregon lawmakers are considering of doing the same.

Commissioner Faye Stewart said the new law will help in getting the tobacco product out of school system.

Stewart voted in favor of change.

It is learned those who violate the new rule will be fined up to $50.

Even though Commissioner Jay Bozievich supported the new age limit, but he voted against the ordinance believing active military members may be uncomfortable to know buying cigarettes is illegal for them.

Bozievich called for a grandfather clause that exempts individual turning 18 before April 13 from the new age limit.

He said, “You don’t criminalize an addiction… You treat it.”

Commissioner Sid Leiken said the age limit should be uniform across Oregon.


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