North Korea May Test More Nuclear Weapons

North Korea May Test More Nuclear Weapons
North Korea May Test More Nuclear Weapons

It is reported North Korea will be testing some more nuclear weapons to become capable of any attack.

North Korea May Test More Nuclear Weapons

KCNA, the official news agency of the country, said North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un watched lately the two tests and referred it as a response to the new round of sanctions of South Korea.

The agency added Kim wants to strengthen the country’s nuclear attack capability and has issued combat tasks to continue the tests.

It is also being said the north would impose lethal military, political and economic blows in the south to accelerate its demise.

Meanwhile, the south has called Kim’s policy as a provocative act and has warned not to damage any of the assets of the south. The statement came after the north liquidate assets of south at the closed joint factory park at the border town of Daesong. On Thursday a tourism resort was also scrapped at Diamond Mountain.

The Thursday’s missiles flew about 310 miles on the east coast of the country. South Korean Defense Ministry said it could be Scud-type missiles.

According to Defense Ministry spokesman Moon Sang Gyun, such firings are common by North Korea as they hate the annual military drills of the south that was recently staged in the capital with Washington.

The drills were biggest this year and north had warned on Monday at the start of it.

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