Oldest Siblings From Same Parents Are Smarter, Intelligent: Study

March 19, 2023 12:13 am0 commentsViews: 193

In one of the latest studies from the University of Edinburgh it is found the first-born children are smarter than the younger siblings.

The researchers said oldest sibling in the family get more mental stimulation from parents during early stages of development.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh said, “Researchers found that parents changed their behavior as subsequent children were born… They offered less mental stimulation to younger siblings, and also took part in fewer activities such as such as reading with the child, crafts and playing musical instruments.”

The first-born scored higher in IQ tests compared to the younger siblings, added the university.

Over 5,000 children were monitored from data received from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics by economists from University of Edinburgh, the Analysis Group and the University of Sydney from pre-birth to age 14.

The study added the first-born starts getting advantage from age 3.

The researchers said the new discovery could explain birth order effect.

Those who are born earlier are found to get higher wages and also comes out with better education levels in life.


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