Polish mayor Pawel Adamowicz stabbed to death

January 15, 2019 11:14 pm0 commentsViews: 231

The mayor of Gdansk, Poland, Pawel Adamowicz, died Monday after he was stabbed on stage during the nation’s annual largest charity event held to raise money for medical equipment.

According to police officials the attacker, 27, is a mentally disturbed man and was arrested at the scene. He was recently released from prison, serving for several bank robberies.

The assailant burst onto the stage just moment before firework was set to explode at around 8 pm on Sunday local time. He stabbed Adamowicz several times and thereafter circled the podium waving a black knife.

The injuries included a deep wound to the heart and despite the efforts of doctors at the Medical University of Gdansk the mayor was not saved.

According to deputy mayor Aleksandra Skorupka-Kaczmarek friends and family of Adamowicz were struggling to understand what had happened.

The event is being organized by Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity since 1993 and over the years about $266 million has been raised to provide medical equipment to the country’s underfunded hospitals.

Moments before the attack the mayor said, “This is a wonderful time of spreading good… You are all wonderful. Gdanski is the most amazing city.”

Following the attack it was claimed the chairty event had insufficient security. It led to the resignation of foundation president Jerzy Owsiak.

He said, “This hatred, which is deep-seated in people, exploded in an extreme way… Poland’s justice system and police are completely helpless.”

Adamowicz is survived by wife Magdalena and two daughters.


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