Pros And Cons Of cPanel

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Linux-based web hosting control panel, dubbed as cPanel, simplifies the hosting process of a website with a graphical interface and automation tools. However, everything is not rosy and hence the pros and cons need to be given a thought before instsalling it. Below are those:

Advantages of cPanel

One of the important pros of cPanel is that it offers a beautiful client side interface that comes with icon-based menu to offer extremely easy navigation. The icons link to important features of the platform.

The cPanel supports many popular operating systems including Trustix, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Free BSD and Redhat. This makes it being highly potential to almost every web hosting companies.

It is important here to note the cPanel is lately very popular in the webhosting control panel industry. Almost every web hosting clients recognize it and this offers a sense of familiarity to everyone as well as peace of mind.

In terms of price it comes cheaper. Layered Technologies, EV1 Servers, CyberWurx and other such dedicated server providers have partnered with cPanel to offer low-cost licenses, as low as $25 per month for dedicated server clients.

It is also easily skinable and taken additional advantage like amazing interface design has been offered by cPanel XP 2004 and iCandy.

More to all these, the cPanel regularly releases software updates and this mean there is a guarantee of quality control panel product.

Disadvantages of cPanel

If compared to the interfaces of several other control panels, it is not so professional even though being easy to use.

cPanel is extremely powerful control panel and it is most widely used in the web hosting industry. Hence it cannot be viewed as the best if other company’s control panel is considered. There are several other control panels available in the market that can be comparatively better if given an opinion.


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