Review: Apple’s iPad Pro

Review Apples iPad Pro
Review Apples iPad Pro

The next best thing from the stable of Apple is the iPad Pro, a 12.9-inch device that comes with a screen size as large as two iPad Air 2 screens and a new A9X chip to virtually do any task.

Review- Apple's iPad Pro

From a distance the device looks like any other iPad that is thin and build up of aluminum body. Its screen has an aspect radio screen of 4:3 and the machine comes with Touch ID home button and FaceTime camera features. It is simply ginormous.

The tablet weighs 1.57 pounds for the non-LTE model and 1.59 for the LTE model. It is not fat and is of the size of a dinner plate. Apple has priced tagged the base model, 32GB, at $799. The Smart keyboard costs extra $169 and Apple Pencil costs $99. The policy is similar to that of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 device.

The best thhing about iPad pro is that it gives more from its large screen size and higher-resolution sceren of 2,732×2,048 pixels, which means a total of 5.6 million pixels.

The device also features full-sized virtual keybard too and it takes about half of the screen’s real estate, but offers new QuickType bar for better suggestion of different word completion options and other features.

The standout app experiences in iPad pro include News, Notes and Maps. On the big screen the maps app feels like unfolding old-school map.

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