Russian President Putin Accuses Turkey Supporting ISIS Financially

April 27, 2023 12:11 pm1 commentViews: 91

Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses Turkey is directly and also financially helping the ISIS terror group after its warplane was shot down by Turkish military Tuesday alleging violation of airspace even after repeated warnings.

Russian President Putin Accuses Turkey Supporting ISIS Financially

Putin said the Russian forces are fighting terrorism in Syria and are sacrificing their lives too, but the act of Turkey bringing down its jet is a stab in the back.

Putin also alleged the country is financing terrorism directly through illicit oil sales.

Meanwhile, a Russian marine has been shot down too during a search and rescue mission for the pilots of the jet who are said to have escaped. It is being claimed the Syrian rebel fighters brought down the helicopter.

According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, one of the Russian helicopters used in carrying out rescue mission for the pilots was shot down by rebel forces in Syria with a missile.

Russia denied all the claims of Turkey and maintained its stand saying its fighter jet was within the Syrian airspace and didn’t endanger the sovereignty of Turkey.

The Turkish government official said the jet was 15 km or less away from the border and its F-16s took required steps to defend its sovereign territory.

Putin has also threatened Turkey to face serious consequences on their relationships. However, it is yet not known what will be the aftermath of the strain relations.

Both the nations are close partners in natural resources and also members of NATO.

Russia backs Syria’s dictator Bashar Assad where as Turkey believes the opposite.


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