Sony’s PlayStation 4 Neo May Hit Stores Fall 2016; Microsoft’s Machine In 2017

March 15, 2023 9:07 pm11 commentsViews: 1118

The replacement of PS4 and Xbox One is coming soon, with more features and better technology.

Sony's PlayStation 4 Neo May Hit Stores Fall 2016; Microsoft's Machine In 2017

Earlier it was reported Sony is working on a PlayStation 4.5 console to add more success to its widely successful PlayStation 4.

Later Financial Times cited Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House and reported the existence of the new console.

It is to note, the PlayStation 4 has been sold more than 40 million units so far in its journey of less than three years.

Let’s find out from rumors and leaks what we know so far about the new console from the stable of Sony. It is said the new machine is codenamed PlayStation 4 Neo while in development and is capable of powering 4K or Ultra HD gaming. Obviously it will cost more than PlayStation 4, more than $350. Also, it is said the new console will exist alongside the current PlayStation 4 and all the games of PlayStation 4 will run on both the machines.

However, it is not yet very clear when the new PS4 machine will hit the stores, and probably it won’t be as early as fall of this year.

Meanwhile, Microsoft too is reported to be coming up with an improved machine and it is codenamed Project Scorpio. The powerful console may hit stores next year.

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