Star Sign Taurus in Love Relationship with Gemini

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Generally, when looking for areas of compatibility, these two signs are both intelligent and they are bound to enjoy some interesting conversations. But when it comes to general outlook and needs, they seem to be miles apart.

There will be times when Taurus won’t have a clue about what their Sagittarius partner is doing, or for that matter where they are. Sagittarius is always chasing after one goal or another and he or she never seems to stop for a moment.

Sagittarius is a fire sign. They have a huge amount of energy to burn and they will enjoy regular trips to their local sportscentre. Now and again Taurus might feel tempted to join them but they just won’t feel as strongly about keeping in trim as their Sagittarus lover does. Certainly they appreciate the need for exercise but they can’t get as fanatical about this side of life as the Archer!

Taurus is a steadfast earth sign and they might find the restless, freedom-loving Sagittarian a bit too hot to handle. Their Archer lover wants variety in life. He or she would not be happy to settle for a routine, humdrum existence. On the other hand, Taurus hates the idea of change.

Sagittarius can be quite promiscuous and this could shock the Taurean’s more conservative nature. On top of this Sagittarius is an independent sign in that he or she will dislike the feeling of being ‘owned’ by anyone. Taurus feels an important part of romance is in sharing and that means communicating regularly, knowing what each partner is up to, where they are, when they will be back, etc.

There are plenty of others who will agree with Taurus. But maybe Sagittarius will start complaining about this more possessive side of their nature!

Sagittarius has a sunny, generous disposition and as friends, Taurus and Sagittarius will get on reasonably well together. Even as lovers, when the mood is right, Taurus will have no complaints on that score. But in the long-term, they both want different things from life.

Taurus wants security and stability; Sagittarius will always have an eye on greener pastures. Sagittarius needs some personal freedom; Taurus can be possessive about their love relationships. Taurus needs privacy, Sagittarius needs people. So there is a lot they have to work on here, if they are to understand each other better.


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